Radio Samoa in its 18th year of service to the Samoan community and is enjoying a close working relationship with its clients and has the full support of the community it serves. It has built a strong relationship with the community through integrity and delivering quality programs to enhance the status of the Samoan Community not only in New Zealand but globally through its website streaming. In its philosophy “a well informed community is an empowered community”

We have centred our entire operation to ensure that the information to our listeners is concise, up to date and has direct relevance to our people. Radio Samoa is a 7 day commercial and community radio station which offers the following services:




Community involvement

Radio Samoa contributes to the wellbeing and the empowerment of our Samoan community through consistent delivery of practical and up to date information which serves a purpose to their everyday needs. It delivers comprehensive coverage of community based programs in Current Events, Sports, Education, Religion, Health, Immigration, Law, Samoan traditions, Language and Culture, Youth, Children and other relevant programs.

Radio communications to the Samoan community is in accordance with cultural protocol and deep understanding of values as expected of a good Samoan communication medium. You can expect Radio Samoa to do everything you expect from a professional Radio station. The station hosts regular interviews with community leaders, government leaders, businesses, artists and continues to support advertisers in developing strong relationships with the Samoan community as an engaging audience.

The station broadcasts predominantly in the Samoan language with English commercials and music from time to time.